About Hines Electric

Not sure if your electrical problem is an emergency? Hines Electric encourages homeowners and building owners to err on the side of caution. Give us a call anyway and play it safe. Think of it this way: there’s no charge for the call and at the very least, you’ll walk away with peace of mind. Remember, when it concerns your electricity, there’s no getting around it: everything must be safe, correct, and according to code. Anything less is simply not acceptable for you, your family, or your neighborhood. That’s why Hines Electric brings its A-Game every time. Our team will arrive on-time and call en route. This way, you won’t have to wait at home.

Whatever your specific needs, Hines Electric has specialists to get the job done right the first time. We’re all in it together, Elgin, and to us, that means maintaining a dedicated team that’s committed to efficient electrical products and applications. Since 1974, Hines Electric has been your local expert electrical contractor, providing full-service electrical repairs and installation to Elgin, Illinois, and the surrounding areas within 20 miles. We offer comprehensive on-site service to both residential and commercial locations, as well as safety inspections. Your home or business’s electrical system is one of its most crucial and complex features. It’s important to get your lighting and wiring done safely and carefully to ensure you have complete electrical service, efficient energy usage, and safe wiring. That’s why we provide comprehensive, safe lighting and wiring installation and repair as your commercial and residential electrical contractor in Elgin, IL.